Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi Maggie,
Any idea when this picture was taken??? Remember the Juniors had gone on this trip last year and the 2 of us teamed up together with our group of kids...?
Well, it is the Botanic Gardens. We went there 2 days ago. I tried to follow the same path that you led us last time but of course there is a lot of work going on so we couldn't go to the best parts e.g. the little pond and the 'bandstand' near the African garden. I remembered you telling the children that the bird there was a tui. I looked hard for one but this time there was no tui although we saw a peacock instead. I really missed you on the trip. My darling kids this year took all the photos in the gardens. They are better photographers than I am. J P (from kidskorner) is one of them and sends you a big hug. He now has a baby sister about 2 weeks old!
Hope you are having lots of good days. Remember we are here for you and please do call on us when the time is right.
My thoughts are with you.
Luv Veronica

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